West Sussex and Hampshire’s Top Civil Engineering Contractors

Ever wondered why people in the Hampshire and West Sussex area choose to train as civil engineering contractors?


It’s an incredibly rewarding career for a number of reasons, a few of which we’ve run through in this latest blog post!



4 Reasons We Love Being Civil Engineering Contractors in West Sussex


  1. BUILD THE WORLD AROUND YOU – Civil engineering contractors shape the landscapes and build the infrastructure all around us. From skyscrapers and motorways in West Sussex, to bridges and tunnels in Hampshire. You’ll see your handiwork all around you, and be able to say “I built that”. You have a hand in ensuring people get where they need to be safely, and some of your constructs could even be the setting for some of peoples’ fondest memories. Knowing this is incredibly rewarding.

  2. RARELY A DULL MOMENT – While many civil engineering contractors specialise in a specific area of the field, they’re still expected to be versatile and ready to adapt their skills to deal with all sorts of situations. One week you may be working on railways in a far flung corner of West Sussex, and another week you may find yourself in a major Hampshire town working on a new sports stadium. If you dislike the idea of working in an office day in and day out, doing the same old thing hour after hour, then consider how us civil engineering contractors have it. Always on the move, and constantly challenged to think outside the box.

  3. CREATIVITY ON A BIG SCALE – You might not think that civil engineering contractors are a particularly creative bunch, but we’re always having to consider how to tackle environmental challenges in innovative and interesting ways. Some of the structures we’ve built around West Sussex and Hampshire are one-of-a-kind, and we’re always proud to put our spin on something that combines both form and function in the best way possible.

  4. TOOL-TASTIC – Civil engineering contractors use cutting edge tools and gadgets that no other sector get their hands on. Learning to use them and then employing them in the field can be very exciting. Our toolkit is constantly expanding, so if you like the idea of employing technologically innovative devices to improve the world around you, civil engineering may be the career for you.


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