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It’s our job as drainage specialists to identify problematic drainage systems, diagnose what’s wrong with them and promptly deal with any and all issues.


But how can homeowners and companies around West Sussex and Hampshire figure out that something’s amiss early on? After all, the earlier you call in our drainage specialists, the less likely extensive drainage repairs will be required.


In this blog post, we’ve gone over some tell-tale signs that your drainage is acting up. If you notice any of them in your property or commercial premises in West Sussex or Hampshire, we urge you to get in contact with us as soon as possible. Our fast, efficient and affordable diagnosis and repairs services will sort the issue out before it worsens.



Tell-Tale Signs You’re Experiencing Drainage Issues


CRUST ON YOUR WALLS – If you spot unsightly white or grey crust on your walls, then this is a sign of water damage. Wipe down the surface thoroughly, then check on it in a day or two’s time. If you find similar deposits again, or you’ve noticed your wall is flaking off, then call our drainage specialists in West Sussex and Hampshire. We’ll come to your property and quickly ascertain whether you have a leakage on your hands.


SLOW DRAINAGE – Is water draining slowly from your shower or sink? There’s a good chance your drainage system is experiencing a slight blockage, causing water to drain slowly. While this might initially prove a slight inconvenience, it could easily worsen and turn into a full-on blockage. See to the issue now, rather than wait until you have a burst pipe and flooded kitchen! You’d be surprised at how regularly this occurs within the West Sussex and Hampshire areas.


FUNKY SMELLS – Have you noticed a nasty smell in your Hampshire or West Sussex property, especially around drains and sinks? There’s a very good chance that a blocked drain could be to blame! Give your drain a clean using a standard cleaning formula, or perhaps pour some hot water down it. If the smell persists, call in our drainage specialists to get to the bottom of it.


STRANGE SOUNDS – Gurgling, glugging, and rumbling – all could be sounds indicating an issue with your drainage system. Common causes for strange sounds emitting from your pipes are clogs, venting issues and even structural damage. Our drainage specialists are leading providers of CCTV surveys in West Sussex and Hampshire. We can quickly diagnose the problem and put it right, or put your mind at ease if the sounds aren’t signalling a major drainage issue.


MILDEW – Mildew forms due to excessive moisture. While there are many reasons why mildew could be forming in your property, and not all are drainage related, the drainage specialists at James Hennessy Construction will be able to investigate and tell you exactly what the cause is.


Require drainage repairs in Hampshire or West Sussex? Please call the drainage specialists at James Hennessy Construction on (01730) 815580.

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